The Self-Sufficient Physician

Produce content, complete trainings and prepare for events at your own leisure

Are you a healthcare marketing professional who struggles to reign in physicians ahead of a CME conference, society event or cadaver surgical demonstration?

Discover solutions to save you time and energy where you no longer need to coordinate the schedule of a busy physician to record content for your next event. With BroadcastMed’s innovative solutions, physicians can produce content, complete training modules and prepare for events at their own leisure – without the reliance on HCM or third-party.

Join a panel of experts from BroadcastMed on February 1, 2023 at 2PM ET for a LIVE webcast to learn more about the solutions and tools available to physicians so they can become more self-sufficient and less reliant on you.


Overcoming Budget Woes – Where’s the Money Going?

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We’re excited to share exclusive highlights from the 2021 By the Numbers: MarCom benchmarking program. This program, unique in its design, enables healthcare marketing and communications leaders to define and defend their budgets. Many of the country’s leading healthcare organizations participate. Join our special guest, John McKeever, as he reviews highlights from current results, how you can contribute, and the implications for physician marketing programs.



Building Brand Reputation Through Digital Platforms | A Physician Marketing Approach

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In only five years since its inception, Miami Cancer Institute has earned its place among the top 10% of leading cancer centers in America. Digital marketing has been a key contributor in paving their path toward success. Tune into the upcoming webcast with BroadcastMed and Baptist Health South Florida to discover how digital marketing has continued to move the needle forward for the Miami Cancer Institute.

BroadcastMed’s physician-focused Digital marketing suite was perfectly aligned with Baptist Health’s initiatives to boost not only the Cancer Institute’s but the overarching company’s brand. The BroadcastMed digital physician resource center became a source of truth for their physician audience.

Topics Covered will include:

  • Digital marketing strategies such as emails, resource centers and newsletters can enhance institutional awareness and boost reputation
  • Use reporting to help liaison groups communicate with referrers
  • How to take full advantage of your organization's vast library of medical education content
  • Strategies to keep your audience engaged outside of reputation season